My word for the year (a few months late)

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7


Many people ask God for a specific word or phrase at the start of each year. Do you do this? This is a habit that I’ve gotten into over the past couple of years. But this year was different. In January I came up empty. Everything just felt dry. And then tragedy hit, and my world spinned around and I couldn’t even think about THINKING about a word that would be uplifting.

So, I may be a few months late, but seeing that God doesn’t do things according to our time tables, I figure it’s okay. 😊 The word that God is speaking very clearly to my heart for the rest of this year is “Trust.”

Trust in God when it doesn’t make sense, when things are especially challenging and look hopeless. Trust in Him, believe in His promises, cling to the hem of His Garment. Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Not the truth of the circumstance I am in, but the Truth that is my confidence- the reality that not one word of His Word will be changed or altered, not one thing in my life will ultimately be a failure or a mistake. He is still in control.

I demonstrate that I trust God by walking through the fog of this life, knowing that He holds my hand. I can’t see where I’m going, but He can. There may be a ditch ahead, or a landmine, or any number of frightful things, but He will lead me around or through them. That is what it means to walk by faith.

Why can I walk by faith? Two reasons.

One, because He has proven Himself faithful in my life.

Through the storms of the past, through the sorrows that could have (and maybe even should have) overwhelmed and destroyed me, He has brought me through.

Every. Single. Time.

I have experienced His trustworthiness over and over. I have seen Him move on my behalf, fight my battles, and lead me through the darkness. He has proven Himself to me.

Two, because His Word tells me so. Since I know He is the Truth, and His Word is Truth, I can believe that what He says will come to pass. Every prophecy about the birth of Christ came to pass to the “t”. Every prophecy of the death of the Messiah was fulfilled. The words spoken about a nation that was meant to be annihilated being brought back into their land, against EVERY odd, has been fulfilled. The same God who holds the universe and is in control of world events, who keeps the stars in orbit, who causes the sun to be the perfect distance from this planet, is the One asking me to trust Him. To believe His Word that has never failed or been untrue. What possible reason would I have to not trust Him for my little life? He says He’s got me through this. I believe Him.

And yes, I write this from a bit of a selfish perspective because I recognize Him as my trustworthy One. My anchor. My faithful companion. But the same applies to you. You know what? Maybe your year hasn’t started crazy. Maybe things are great. Or maybe not. But regardless, You can trust Him. With every detail of your little life on this little planet in this one tiny galaxy amongst many. Your life is not insignificant. You are not swallowed up into oblivion and invisible nothingness because you’re small. Because You are right in His line of sight. You are ever before Him. He sees you and knows you more than you know yourself. And incredibly, He is head over heels full of love for you. You are so big in His very core.

He has our best intentions in His heart. With a twinkle in His eye, he beckons us to continue forward. It may not make sense. It may be downright scary at times.. but He is calling us to trust.

There are so many things that I don’t understand right now. I’m starting to see little glimpses here and there that this valley is coming to an end; but I’m not there yet.

I have a choice to make today. I can choose to succumb to my fears and give in to hopelessness, or I can walk by faith. I can trust Him. Better still, I get to trust Him. I get to walk side by side with the Lord of all. He steps into my world and tenderly holds my hand. He calls out for me to trust Him when I can’t see. And when I can, He warns me not to trust my eyes but to rely on His. (Sometimes looks can be deceiving.. another good reason to walk by faith and not by sight.)

Today, this Great God is calling you to the same walk of faith.

Will you step out into the unknown? Will you take this journey with Him, and with the rest of us who are fellow sojourners believing in something much much better ahead? I hope so!