Erica Mbasan  Missionary, Author

Erica Mbasan Missionary, Author

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I'm Erica Mbasan, a New Yorker by birth but Ugandan by heart, who witnesses God’s transforming grace everyday.


When I was a young girl, God revealed His love to me. He gave me a burden for the hurting and the lost.  I didn’t know how I was going to serve Him or where He would send me, but I knew I was called to be a missionary.

For several years my calling was put in a box and I lived my life as a typical American teenager for myself. As God softened my heart and opened my eyes to the brokenness of people around the world, my desire to serve Him as a missionary returned.

I didn’t know where He would send me, but I was ready to go.  Acting on the knowledge I had, I trusted God and joined the mission field. I ended up on a short trip to Kenya in 2005, where I heard about a nearby people suffering through a rebel war. I heard about innocent children growing up running in fear for their lives. The next year I landed in...

Kitgum, Uganda

East Africa ­ 2006


During my first year as a missionary, I drank unclean water, got my first case of malaria, and battled with typhoid. I lived communally with the local people and learned to speak broken Acholi (the local language) as quickly as possible.

God’s grace brought me through. I couldn’t lean on people. I had to lean fully on Him.


At the beginning of my missionary journey, I had duties thrust upon me that I did not feel prepared for. Now I see how God used those responsibilities to equip me to form an organization and run a village ministry, prison ministry, work with orphans, and more. One of those projects that God stirred my heart to start is WIDL, Women’s Intensive Discipleship and Literacy Training. This is a class to help women learn to read, write, become self­sufficient, and experience the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What most excites me is watching these people who were once completely hopeless victims become more than conquerors.

I love how people can be set free, raised up, and empowered by

God’s forgiveness, love, and practical skills.

Life as a missionary here can be very challenging. As I face difficulties, I need a way to process my thoughts. I do this through writing.

One of the struggles I’ve faced on my journey is not feeling prepared for the mission field.  I don’t want another person who is on their journey to the mission field to experience the same thing. This led to the writing of my first book, For the Joy Set Before Us.  It is a guide to help potential missionaries know what to expect on their journey to serving God where He has called them.

As the years have passed, I’ve seen God transform, heal, and give me glimpses of His mighty power at work in some of the most unlikely circumstances. I am so grateful for this life that He has given to me!

I put this video together to help you understand my calling and conviction for what God is doing in Northern Uganda and in my life as an unworthy but willing vessel.

I welcome you to join me on my journey by signing up for my updates from Africa, and please drop me an email to tell me how my story has helped you. The truth is, we are all on this journey together. Let’s encourage each other, and open our ears and hearts to the exciting things that GOD is doing around the world.


In Christ,


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For the Joy Set Before Us: Insights into the Missionary Journey

by Erica Mbasan

Erica will take you on a journey from New York to the dusty red roads of Northern Uganda.  She offers practical advice for new and potential missionaries, and shares stories that will touch your heart. Erica shares how she went from being a troubled teen to becoming a missionary, establishing Africa4God. Inc. She offers a glimpse into the life of a missionary, sharing that challenges and joy God has placed before her.

In this book you will learn:

  • What it means to be called to missionary work

  • What culture shock is and how to deal with it

  • About the challenges and joys of missionary life.

For the Joy Set Before Us invites you into the depths of the mission field, offering insights into the life God may have in store for you. Whether you are called to serve overseas or to serve right where you are, this book is for you.


God Can

by Erica Mbasan


GOD CAN chronicles the journeys of six people in Uganda, telling each story with frank honesty and integrity. They are both heartbreaking and inspiring. Through unbelievable hardships, war, and oppression (both physically and spiritually), God has sustained them and has done the miraculous on their behalf. 

“I hope this book encourages you that God can work out whatever you are going through. He loves you. When we can’t do anything, God Can.” – Erica Mbasan  

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