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Africa 4 God is a missions organization with a passion to reach the most vulnerable people with the love of Jesus Christ.  Our prayer is that we will be the hands and feet of Jesus to orphans, widows, and all who are desperate and destitute in Uganda, South Sudan, and wherever the Lord allows us to go.


Recently, as we went from house to house in Biiwang Village, we met a man named Kenneth. Kenneth was with a large group of men drinking. When we shared with them, he got on his knees and wanted to give his life to Christ. Afterwards, he wanted to join us as we went to other homes. It was beautiful. We came to find out that just recently his wife was angry with him so she burnt their house (hut) down with all of his belongings inside, and then she left with their children. All he had left was the clothing that he was wearing. He was in deep despair and contemplating suicide. God loves him and met him in his pain. What a joy it was to witness! Now Kenneth has new life and a hope more powerful than the fire that consumed his things. God is truly doing an amazing work in this village. A people who once sat in darkness have seen a great Light, and the God of all hope is pursuing them with His great Love. Please keep Kenneth and the rest of the brand new believers in Biiwang in your prayers.

Our passion is for the Lord Jesus Christ and all whom He loves.

Africa 4 God is an organization focused on ministering to the people of Uganda and Sudan, to bring disciples up to further the teaching of God’s Word.  Our goal is to equip the people in knowing and living out God’s Word, learning and laboring in prayer, fellowshipping with other believers, and allowing the Holy Spirit to be present in their lives in everything they do, allowing for all the glory to point to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our work in this region is a ministry from the heart requiring long hours and days in the hot African sun.  The laborers are few and the resources limited.

We hope you will prayerfully consider helping us reach every person in God’s kingdom with His precious Word.

It is because of people’s faithful donations that we are able to continue this work that God has entrusted to us.

Africa 4 God’s donations are broken up like this for the fiscal year of 2015:

  •    93% – Operation Expenses were used for programs in Northern Uganda
  •    7% – Operating Expenses were used for administrative and fundraising needs.

The 93% of Africa 4 God’s total operation expenses are broken down into four categories:

  •    33% – WIDL – Women’s Intensive Discipleship and Literacy Training
  •    36% – Village Ministry Program
  •    4%   – Orphan Care
  •    20% – Medical Assistance, Outreaches, and miscellaneous other donations.

Each dollar donated:

  •    Helps women learn to read, write, and share God’s love around her.
  •    Helps us reach men like Kenneth, who have lost all hope.
  •    Allows us to better care for the children lost, hungry, and alone.
  •    Brings in much needed medical supplies, training, and prevention to a region plagued by HIV

Would You Consider Donating?

Please help us continue bringing hope to the people of Uganda and Sudan through our ministry Africa 4 God.  By clicking the donate button below you will be taken to a donation page and help us continue to be the tool God uses to reach even more people.

God bless you for laboring with us  through your resources!


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